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Updated: 23.4.2015


This is Telefantastico. I make music.

If you don't trust my word, please take a moment and check out my dark ambient album DEATH POEMS, now available by OPN Records on digital format (MP3, FLAC, and more).

There is also available a limited special CD edition with crazy delicious artwork by Janne Kankkunen which you can acquire by dropping me an email. 10 € for Finnish electronic music lovers, 12 for the rest of the world.


Shit, the plans have already changed - a lot. Screw the EP's, it's going to be a full album and it's not going to be nothing like DEATH POEMS (which happens to seem like a bit awkward release these days anyway).

The name of the new album will be SILLANPOLTTAJA (Google that shit if you're interested) and at the moment it looks like it will be finished by first of June - depending how the recordings will go. It will be probably released on cassette and maybe online also. Who the hell knows (or cares)?

There will be a lot of (ot at least some) little samples of what's coming up but right now all I can show is this little piece of nonsense.

Sneak peaking with a sneak peek of #Sillanpolttaja. #beats #electronic #loop

Video, jonka Teemu Purhonen (@relapeutti) julkaisi

There are a lot of things bubbling under the lid and if everything goes as planned, there will be not just one but two EP releases coming out this spring. I think soon it will be time to post a few tasters to the wonderful World Wide web. Jolly good!

Two tracks from DEATH POEMS was aired on the Finnish BBC program Avaruusromua. The show is available on their site for a month. If that's not your thing, now you can check out a music video of those combined songs right now.

Videographed and glitched by Hannu Seppälä, edited by Teemu Purhonen.

Reviews of DEATH POEMS

"This is a very interesting dark ambient/industrial ambient-type collection that is quite experimental but works well as a coherent whole. More minimal than a lot of dark stuff I hear, usually one or two sounds are the focus, such as the bass synth and metallic sounds on “Disbelief”.

There is some variety here, though, such as in “Hope”, which crosses over into beatier ambient with some chiming percussive sounds. There are also some really bleak pieces, such as “Depression” with a rather expressive bass wave.

Presumably the titles reflect a journey to, well, death, so it’s not cheerful, but the slightly lighter tone of “Hope” does leave us in a better place at the end of the listening experience. Each title and piece does accurately reflect the state of mind it’s meant to express quite well, as in “Anger”, with it’s dissonant, angular sounds.

A pretty neat little album that I recommend."

- Make Your Own Taste

"Something else is the music of Telefantastico, of whom I never heard, but who are from Finland, I believe. Their pieces are throughout a bit shorter than with Lambwhool and use a variety of instruments, such as drum machines, synthesizers, electronics and maybe a guitar.

Especially when they use rhythm they sound very different, obviously, even when certain blackness is part and parcel of their music. The keyboards play minor chords and when the drum machine bangs it is dark and solid; only towards the end of ‘Hope’ there is a more lighthearted ethno inspired bit of rhythm.

It’s the world of ambient meeting down at the industrial lot and as such it sounds very much like something from 1990 – thereabouts. Lots of reverb here too, to generate that extra added atmospheric feel to the music.

A most enjoyable release I thought, mostly because it sounded so retro like. Not something I would easily play every day, but as a little time machine it works very well."

- Modisti

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